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ZEST Partnerships

Because we know we work better together as part of a wider community. All of our partners support ZEST in their own unique ways. From training and education, empowering birthing people, birth workers and women and health, well being and support.

Supporting ZEST, Supporting You…

ZEST is committed to working with and for our registrants and their clients. We have and are continuing to develop unique relationships and partnerships with other industry leaders and their companies. These partnerships provide special discounts and access to all ZEST registrants from Xena.life app membership to support though My Surrogacy Journey, training and access to online hubs, health and well being support and so much more. You can read about each of our partners below and what they bring to the ZEST family and community.


XENA: Making Strong Women Stronger

In a world where personalised women’s healthcare is expensive. XENA offers affordable, accessible, specialist support when you need it the most.

XENA is very excited to be in partnership with ZEST. A perfect alliance supporting both clinician and client. 

Access to holistic and joined up women’s health care is expensive and hard to come by. Women commonly report being let down by the system, not listened to, not knowing where to turn for support and access being too little or too late. This can cause trauma and fear in time that is so momentous in a woman’s life.
Staff are often stretched to their limits and are not supported to offer the care that they so deeply wish to provide. Women not just working in but experiencing the same system themselves as they move through life defining moments such as pregnancy, postpartum and perimenopause. 

XENA recognises the need for a panoramic approach to women’s health care  and is designed to be a trusted resource for the client and clinician. 

Expentancy Ltd

Expectancy is proud to have been providing a unique range of complementary therapy courses for midwives for 20 years. We offer innovative, trail-blazing courses on complementary therapies to facilitate physiological pregnancy and birth and to reduce intervention. Expectancy’s philosophy embraces safe, accountable, evidence-based practice to ensure appropriate, contemporary care for expectant and birthing parents, and protection for midwives’ registration. All our courses can be used towards professional development and UK NMC revalidation.
Our team is led by Dr Denise Tiran HonDUniv FRCM MSc RM, a midwifery educator and internationally renowned authority on maternity complementary therapies (CTs). Denise was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Greenwich and a prestigious Fellowship by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) in recognition of her 40 years teaching, practising, researching and publishing on complementary therapies.

Denise-Tiran-Headshots-Feb24©KateDarkins-37 (1)

Expectancy’s partnership with ZEST offers a mutually beneficial collaboration – for midwives and birth workers and for expectant and birthing parents.

For Expectancy-trained midwives offering complementary therapies, this provides an opening for those in their own businesses to expand into private maternity care – and gain insurance to do so.  

My Surrogacy Journey

This partnership offers our registrants the opportunity to support modern
families that are associated with MSJ. They have now included the option of
having a ZEST midwife and/or MAMA into their packages.


We have been working closely with the wonderful team and you will now have a link
to access lots of amazing educational and well-being material. If you are already registered with ZEST and do not have this link – please contact us directly.

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between ZEST and All4Maternity, marking a significant step forward in our commitment to providing unparalleled education and training opportunities for our community. As part of this collaboration, All4Maternity will serve as an additional education and training arm alongside our Mandatory Practical Training, offering a wealth of resources and courses to further enhance your knowledge and skills.

What All4Maternity brings to ZEST is nothing short of exceptional, and we are confident that you will be blown away by the breadth and depth of their offerings. As valued registrants of ZEST, including those enrolled in the Kindness, Quality, and Safety Collaborative (KQSC), you will have exclusive access to the All4Maternity platform as part of your annual registration.

Here is a glimpse of some of the current courses and tests available on the All4Maternity platform:

  • Optimal cord clamping
  • Active birth
  • Reflective practice in midwifery
  • Place of birth and environments
  • Self-care for midwives
  • Supporting skin-to-skin contact and close and loving family relationships
  • And many more!

The Mindful Birth Group

The organisation is made up of a team of incredibly passionate teachers who all believe in impartial, inclusive education and support for expectant families. They are what make The Mindful Birth Group® the incredible team that it is,  and we appreciate every single one of them for all of their care and dedication to the cause.

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