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ZEST Partner: Xena.life

Birth, recover and harness your hormones like a warrior

In a world where personalised women’s healthcare is expensive. XENA offers affordable, accessible, specialist support when you need it the most.

XENA: Making Strong Women Stronger

Built by physiotherapist Octava Hamilton following her own personal experience of birth and recovery she set about creating a platform to offer a well rounded, seemless approach to support women to take back control of their health. 

Women are complex and often need a multifaceted approach to health care

XENA’s female lead team of health and fitness professionals offer exercise and advice from birth preparation to postpartum recovery, nutrition for fertility to balancing hormones, breathwork, scar work and much much more. 

“Truly understanding our bodies gives us the confidence in the decisions we make and therefore resilience in body and mind, no matter what comes up for you” – Octavia Founder.

Supporting our wellbeing as we progress from postnatal to perimenopause is a natural transition that can come sooner than we think – that’s why XENA grows alongside us, we are currently working in the background on further support packages and adding new members of our team so we’re able to cover all areas and stages of women’s health. 

XENA is a community, a support network, and the trusted village you desire and need. We have done the research so you don’t have to. Our team has worked alongside each other and been referring to each other for years. And we have an ever growing database of XENA Ambassadors. You can not deny the benefit of strength in numbers. 

Join our community, track your progress and build Understanding, Confidence and Resilience. XENA supports your physical, emotional, cyclical and spiritual wellbeing, helping you thrive in womanhood. 


XENA is very excited to be in partnership with ZEST. A perfect alliance supporting both clinician and client. 

Access to holistic and joined up women’s health care is expensive and hard to come by. Women commonly report being let down by the system, not listened to, not knowing where to turn for support and access being too little or too late. This can cause trauma and fear in time that is so momentous in a woman’s life.

Staff are often stretched to their limits and are not supported to offer the care that they so deeply wish to provide. Women not just working in but experiencing the same system themselves as they move through life defining moments such as pregnancy, postpartum and perimenopause. 

XENA recognises the need for a panoramic approach to women’s health care  and is designed to be a trusted resource for the client and clinician. 

Our expert multidisciplinary team including physiotherapists, personal trainers, midwives, life coaches, doulas, sleep experts, nutritionists and more are at the very core of XENA. Their passion and dedication in ensuring women are not only educated, but inspired to learn more about their bodies and self-manage is something you won’t find anywhere else. 

Founder Octavia is also a member of the Kindness, Safety and Quality Collaborative and is dedicated to supporting birth workers and mothers’ experiences moving forwards. The women’s health strategy is trying to improve care but whether the NHS will ever be able to provide a truly holistic approach taking into account physical, emotional, cyclical and spiritual wellbeing is yet to be seen. 

XENA is the solution, helping you become a health warrior through the challenges womanhood offers. 

What ZEST community get:

All ZEST birth workers and the community gain free access to XENA worth over £300 a year but more importantly is an investment in your wellbeing.

Even if you are beyond the pregnancy and postpartum stages we will support you through perimenopause helping you understand and optimise your health by supporting hormonal nuances, optimising their nutrition, finding calm with breathwork and EFT tapping techniques but keeping fit and strong at the same time. 

XENA offers an extensive library of 400+ videos, pdfs, and audios, as well as meticulously planned programmes for pregnancy, postpartum and perimenopause. Our aim is to cover and support you through every life-defining moment, and if we’ve not got what you’re looking for right now you can guarantee we’re working on it! Think personalised programmes and plans, fitness sessions (live and recorded), nutrition advice and packages, webinars, online and in person events, active community spaces, directories, and a newly launched APP making tracking your user journey and recovery even easier. 

XENA grows alongside us, we are currently working in the background on further support packages and adding new members of our team so we’re able to cover all areas and stages of women’s health. 

You will also know what is on offer in the app so can therefore signpost your birthing mothers for extra support. We are your very own multidisciplinary team in your pocket. Supporting your health and your birthing mamas journey. 

What the whole ZEST community gets:

  • Annual access to XENA (birth workers, students, KQSC and leadership team)
  • Quarterly training/workshops offered to Zest Community Eg: Advice to give your early c-section mama.
  • Monthly online support groups, courses and sharing circles (free for XENA members, paid for non- please share these with your birthing mothers) eg: Birth considerations, Sleep hygiene, matrescence, seasonal cooking, scar therapy, Understanding hormones, sharing circles and more
  • Code for ZEST Registrants to give to clients with 1 month free access and £10 kick back for all those who sign up
  • Opportunities for ZEST birth workers to run workshops and create content for XENA
  • Discounts to XENA in person events and retreats
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