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ZEST Registration Packages

Full ZEST MaMa Package

Our full ZEST MaMa package is the complete package for Birth Workers – including doulas, other experienced birth support workers.


Designed Exclusively for Birth Workers

Our full ZEST MaMa package is tailor-made for birth workers offering their own service in a supportive role for both birth person and midwife. Many of our MaMas work in partnership with a ZEST midwife offering the full continuum of care.

Birth Attendance

Birth Support

Our full ZEST MaMa package enables you to attend ZEST Midwife led births as a second birth attendant. Whether you’re a retired midwife, senior student midwife, doula or other birth worker the ZEST MaMa package facilitates this. There must always be two ZEST registrants present at home births. Often a ZEST Midwife and MaMa work in partnership.

Attend ZEST Midwife led births as a second birth attendant
Be present at your clients birth, whenever and wherever it happens
Enabling you to offer the full continuum of care
Provide support, assistance and peace of mind for ZEST midwives and their clients
ZEST Directory & Marketing

Market yourself and your practice

Our ZEST MaMa package includes the option to add your profile and business details into our exclusive ZEST directory so people can search for you and your unique services. Click the picture to see other birth worker profiles.
Add your picture, logo, profile, specialist services, location, links and more.

ZEST Training

Virtual and In Person Learning and Training via ZEST and our partners

ZEST offers a plethora of training to expand your toolkit, offerings and continued professional development as a MaMa. Our mandatory training days are part of your registration. Once registered you will have access to further optional training with ZEST and via our partners. This training is optional and can be completed in your own time as part of your own journey. They include:
– All4Maternity
– Xenalife
– Expectancy
– My Surrogacy Journey
– Midwives Hub: Setting up as an IM (12 week business course @ reduced rate)

Exclusive in-person Mandatory Practical Training (MPT): “Safe and Skilled at Home – Community Birth Challenges.”©
ZEST Exclusive Level 3 Safeguarding© online training with a focus on independent community maternity care.
Access to training to become a ZEST Calm and Confident Birth Practitioner
Quarterly learning and growing forums
Ongoing training, advocacy and support
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The ZEST Community

A Thriving Community of Birth Workers

At ZEST we know we all need support and advocacy. Our community is compassionate, inclusive, respectful and kind. We all have a commitment to offer the highest levels of care and support to our members. We empower and educate all members of the our ZEST community, enabling you to have real autonomy so you, and your clients are empowered and able to make informed choices every step of the way.
Our model enables you to provide the full continuum of care from early pregnancy, including birth care and postnatal care for as long as you decide

Ongoing Support

Always here to guide and support you

Are you a midwife, doula, or other birth worker dedicated to independent community maternity care? We’re here to support you on your journey every step of the way. Whether it’s partnering with other MaMas or a ZEST Midwife, setting up your practice, adding your details to our directory, providing mentorship, handling administration, or assisting with your documents, we can help.
Our team brings a wealth of experience to share with you and the community.
We are also proud to have formed the KQSC, working together to enhance community maternity care.

Unlimited advocacy and support from the ZEST team and our KQSC.
Administrative support and access to practice documentation.
Access to best practice guidance
Assistance in finding other local ZEST registered midwives in your area to partner with
Monthly PMA/Consultant Midwife forums: Reflecting on practice and exploring evidence-based research.
Monthly meet and greet and other gatherings with the ZEST family
Monthly MaMa check in sessions with our lean MaMa
Health and Wellbeing for Midwives - Zest Midwives
Health and Wellbeing

We are Invested in your Continued Well-being

The maternity care profession can be challenging and as well as our support we also offer unique, holistic services as part of your registration package.
We have our monthly well being sessions and quarterly online sister circles alongside our weekly Tuesday YOGA classes,. Our aim is to provide you with all of the tools you need to support yourself, your well being and your own mental health enabling you to offer your clients the best care. You cannot pour from an empty cup as they say.

We also offer Individual Holistic Health Consultations, if required, to include homeopathy, flower remedies, nutritional guidance, guided meditation and breathwork.

ZEST Certification

A hallmark of trust and expertise

When you register with ZEST as a MaMa we invite you to add our ZEST certified badge to your social media, website, marketing materials, documents. We will provide you with everything you need. ZEST Certified Birth Workers are held to the highest of standards, undertake rigorous training and are covered by bespoke insurance (via a ZEST midwife) by an independent body, exclusive to ZEST.


Simple, upfront costs

Our costs are simple. Pay your initial registration fee which covers you for your first full year! Then your ongoing annual costs are paid each year as you continue to be registered with ZEST and reap all the benefits that go with it.

Joining Fee

Also available in 2 payments of £165

Ongoing Annual Fee


MaMa Enquiry

Get started!

Fill in a few details and the ZEST team will be in touch.

Check your eligibility against our requirements for MaMas. This will be requested along with the other documents during the registration process with us. If you have any questions please just get in touch via our contact page.

You will need:

  1. You MUST have experience supporting birthing people (either with NHS or IM). Please contact us to talk through your experience to see if ZEST is right for you.
  2. 2 Forms of Photo ID – Passport and Driving Licence.
  3. Proof of residence – e.g. a Utility Bill.
  4. Details of any past, current or pending investigations or criminal convictions.
Enquiry – MaMas Package
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