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ZEST Certified
A sign of trust

Get piece of mind and confirmation of trust from your chosen Birth Worker. ZEST Certified Birth Workers are held to the highest of standards, undertake rigorous training and are insured by an independent body, exclusive to ZEST.

Proudly championing the very best Midwives, and Birth Workers in the UK

Every ZEST member must have completed or operate with:


Our Mandatory Practical Training Day called ‘Safe and Skilled at Home,’ (Community Birth Challenges: A Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach)© exclusive to ZEST. They must also commit to their own education and ongoing training.


ZEST registered independent midwives must have their own insurance cover in place. ZEST are the only facilitator in the UK who work with SKU to provide comprehensive specialist insurance for independent midwives.

Best Practice

Every ZEST registrant is an autonomous accountable practitioner but works in partnership with the ZEST leadership team, NHS and other organisations where appropriate in order to offer and facilitate best practice for their clients.


Engagement with the audit process to celebrate good practice and learn lessons to improve care and develop professionally. Part of the ZEST compliance and agreement.

Latest Evidence

As part of the registration process each ZEST member agrees to keep up to date with the latest research and evidence in the maternity and birthing world always offering their clients informed choices.


Annual checks for all maternity and birthing equipment. Part of being registered with ZEST means having equipment checked annually to keep themselves and their clients safe.

The ZEST Charter

On top of this, all our Birth Workers sign the ZEST Charter. A commitment to the highest levels of care and support.
Every ZEST member must adhere to the following to be part of the unique ZEST community:

I promise:

To maintain professionalism and adhere to any code that is relevant to my practice.

I agree:

To actively engage and participate with the ZEST community.

I accept:

To maintain professionalism and adhere to any code that is relevant to my practice.

I support:

Ongoing audit and evaluation and will actively participate in feedback to ensure the programme is fit for purpose and the best it can be.

I respect:

The facilitators, PMA and KQSC may take the opportunity to have a professional discussion with me to support me to practice safely and appropriately.

I understand:

I am responsible for my own learning and I will show a willingness to share good practice within the Zest community.

The ZEST Way – an enlightened approach to birth work

This is what you can expect when you use a ZEST registered Birth Worker:

Safe practice

Being Certified by ZEST means midwives practice a safe, high quality, gold standard of care. 

Holistic approach

Believes in the holistic benefits of continuity of care. 

Right to choice

Advocates for physiological birth and choice in the maternity journey. 

Empowering families

Encourages and promotes the birthing person and family to be at the centre of their own care. 

ZEST Values

Supports and embeds the ZEST CARE values into their individual practice both within the ZEST community and with their clients.

Autonomous and accountable

Is an autonomous accountable practitioner but works in partnership with the ZEST leadership team.

Collaborative and respectful

Is respectful of MDT working- engaging with the NHS and other organisations as appropriate.


Every ZEST birth worker is committed to being inclusive, supporting every family dynamic and every birthing persons right to choose.

Find your Birth Worker…

Ready to find the perfect partner to work with you during your pregnancy, birth and beyond? Our ZEST directory gives you access to all of our registered members. Easy to navigate and search in your chosen area of expertise and by location too!

A Sustainable Professional Practice

“We share the common sadness that is currently permeating through midwifery, that there is something desperately wrong at the core of the profession. Low morale and record high levels of stress, pressure, physical and mental health issues are being reported by our maternity colleagues. 
We believe it is time to take a deep breath, press the reset button and reclaim true midwifery care for both practitioners and for the people who want and deserve to feel safe, special and empowered on their journey into parenthood.”

The ZEST Team

zest midwives - meet your midwife


Exceptional service! This company goes above and beyond to meet their customers’ needs. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Jordan Smith

Madelaine was fantastic from the first tentative message from my wife requesting support with breast feeding to the end. She was responsive and was able to come out at short notice.
Madelaine’s expertise and knowledge shone through in discussions with my wife and the impact of her support was immediate, we would recommend Madelaine to anyone and plan to give her a call if and when we have a next child.

James Doyle about
My Midwife Madelaine (ZEST registered Midwife)

Reliable and trustworthy. I highly recommend this business to anyone looking for top-notch maternity care and training.

Casey Williams

Our ZEST Values

At ZEST, our key values form the basis of who we are and how we operate. We empower and educate all members of the birthing community enabling you to have real autonomy so you as the birthing person are empowered and able to make informed choices every step of the way.
From pregnancy, birth, postnatal care and beyond.


is for Compassionate


is for Accountable


is for Respect


is for Everyone Counts

A Multi Disciplinary Approach to YOUR Care

ZEST registered midwives and birth workers understand antenatal, birth and post natal care and adopt a unique approach. Whether you choose to give birth in a hospital, at home or under out of care guidance they will support and advocate for you every step of the way.
Our midwives work with the NHS and other organisations where appropriate to offer you the best care possible and facilitate the birth of your choice.

Our ZEST Founders

ZEST was born by midwives and holistic practitioners who wanted to create a new approach to midwifery practice. Focusing on continuity of care, autonomous practice, client led care, education and training to enable physiological birth choices for all.
Find out more about them below:

Tracy Thomas Zest Director

Tracy Thomas

Director of Midwifery

Tracy is a registered practicing midwife with over 25 years of experience. She has held senior leadership roles within both the private sector and the NHS. Tracy offers advocacy and support to the ZEST community of midwives and MaMas. She created many of our Training Programmes including the “MPT©” exclusive ZEST Training.

Katy Shay

Director of Health and Wellbeing 

With 25 years of running a thriving homeopathy practice, and a background in agricultural zoology and tropical medicine, Katy brings expertise in many complementary therapies. These include yoga, nutrition, relaxation, mindfulness, and sound bath therapy. She provides gentle holistic care.
She is also a trained MaMa (doula).

“I joined ZEST to be able to offer the full continuum of care, be truly autonomous and provide individualised, client centered care where they are the lead at the decision making around the care they want to receive.”
debbie - independent midwife of the north
Debbie – Independent Midwife of the North
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