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Virginia Rowan

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Virginia Rowan

One-half of Rise Midwives,

We serve women in Brighton and Hove and surrounding, East and West Sussex Sussex

We're a team of passionate, dedicated midwives offering elemental midwifery care fom preconception to 4th trimester, including Home birth care.

At the heart of our practice lies a deep understanding of grassroots midwifery and respectful and non-judgmental care.

We recognize that the most important evidence comes from the mothers/birthing persons themselves. They are the experts in their lives and bodies, and we meet them where they are, bringing our expert skills to support them in the way they need most.

We understand that childbirth is a big life transition, and our role is to provide support that honours each individual’s choices and needs.

One of our core values is the relationship between the midwife and the mother/birthing person. This relationship is built on mutual trust and respect.

We believe in meeting each mother and birthing person exactly where they are, with open hearts and expert hands, ready to support them in bringing new life into the world in a way that is empowered, positive and aligned with their values.

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