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Lucinda Rae ~ Bramble Birth

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Lucinda Rae ~ Bramble Birth


“Thank you for listening to me and respecting me, but most importantly for trusting and believing in me.” 

Second baby - home birth after caesarean

“Lucinda, we are so happy we got to count on your support and kindness for the birth of our baby. You provided me with a sense of security beyond what words can describe. You’re gifted and we hope you share your gift with many more families.”

Second baby - home birth. 

"I will be forever grateful for your help and support in allowing me to achieve my home birth. It was a right of passage for me. It was the most powerful, humbling, and transformative experience I've ever had and it has allowed me to discover my own strength, power and meaning."

Fourth baby - home birth after caesarean.



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Berkshire, West Berkshire, England, United Kingdom
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