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Laura Latina

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Laura Latina - Midwife

Laura Latina

​​Laura is a midwife with over 15 years of experience, an international speaker and a Certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner.

In 2008 following her desire to discover more about midwifery & birth and so she went to Burundi then continued her work with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) as a manager of maternity hospitals in Malawi (2010), in South Sudan and Kenya (2011), and then in Afghanistan (2015), where she led international projects to promote a culture of gentle, respectful births and parenthood.

In London (2012-2016), Laura was a community midwife and later a midwifery team leader at St’ Thomas NHS. In 2016-2020 She joined the MSF Medical Unit as Women's Health Advisor, providing technical expertise for the maternal and newborn activities in countries such as Bangladesh, Nigeria, Chad and many more. In 2021 she was a Consultant Midwife in Wales, UK.

After traveling the globe, she learned from women that birth is a sacred right of passage that needs to be respected. She supports women to come back to themselves and their innate ability of being loving, attuned mothers. All women are worthy of receiving the support they deserve, surrounded by love and compassion.

Laura is passionate about assisting births at home and creating a supportive environment for families. Having supported more than 2000 women in 4 different continents, she remains dedicated to this special soul mission around the world.

I offer:
- Continuity of care (antenatal, home birth, postnatal support)
- Consultations in pregnancy
- Postpartum. & Lactation consultations
- Birth debriefs
- Nervous system regulation in pregnancy and after birth

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