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Catherine Downie -The Blooming Marvellous Midwife

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Catherine Downie -The Blooming Marvellous Midwife


Pregnancy is an incredibly special time and getting to know you, both as an individual and as a family, is a privilege few will ever experience. As part of a wonderful NHS team and as an Independent Midwife, I've had the joy of working with hundreds of people, each with very different and (sometimes) complex needs, allowing me to nurture a safe and supportive environment for anyone asking me to be part of this life-enriching journey.

You will be listened to, empowered and cared for in every way - from your first antenatal check to the moment you welcome your baby in to the world and beyond. And choices will always be yours to make, with the service I provide tailored specifically to you. I'm a strong believer in continuity of care and take pride in ensuring you're as comfortable as possible at every stage.

I specialise in home births (including water births), VBACs, as well as antenatal and postnatal care, post-caesarean section care and complex birth planning. I'm also able to help those who have experienced traumatic births in the past.

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