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April Kent

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April Kent

Nickname: Babble

Age: Born in 1978

Description: 5'8" ish, Green Eyes, Brown Hair, Naturally Wavy (often compared to Hagrid on waking!), chatty (but quiet when required hehe)

Home Life: Married, then happily divorced! Live in Orton Goldhay in Peterborough. Currently have 1 old lady Diva Dog (Japanese Shiba Inu) called Kiana, 3 Black Witchy Cats Solomon, Salem, and Shy Shirley, 2 Guinea Piggles, both boys, Kiko and Chino (Chino was adopted when Frank passed away), and a Grandson (lol) Bearded Dragon, Magma, who is only a few months old.

First Child: Ciaran, male, born 2002, had pre-eclampsia, a fat epidural that was similar to a spinal (back in those days!), a vaginal birth revealing a growth restricted bambino!

Second Child: Skye, female, born 2005, had pre-eclampsia again (rolls eyes), ended up with an emergency c-section, revealing a much larger bambino!

Special Guardianship of: Cora (1 half of a twinset!), female, born 2006, inherited in 2022, diagnosed as autistic (neurospicy) a few months after coming to stay at mine, she ended up staying and she is awesome but challenging all at the same time!

Work Life: Did rubbish at school, worked in Retail until I became pregnant, realising that Midwives existed! Went back to college as a 'mature student' (rolls eyes), got onto the Midwifery Degree course and knew immediately that I would want to be an Independent Midwife (or own my own little Birth Centre). Qualified in September 2010 and through the rollercoaster that is life and work, have loved it ever since! I have worked in the NHS, at the same Trust on a combined Antenatal and Postnatal ward, several times in Community (LOVE LOVE LOVE Continuity of care/carer - and this is what I was re-born to do hehe), Delivery Suite and Midwife Led Birthing Unit. I am NIPE qualified too.

I launched myself independently right before Covid struck and was able to provide a variety of elements of care to several birthing people and their families, and just got on with building myself up and bumbling along. Then came Zest.........where my dream could truly be realised in being able to provide the full continuum of care from the very beginning through to whenever you want rid of me lol.

What can I offer you and your family?

Time: No limits on this, whatever you need, I can be there for you. Independent Midwives have this gift of being able to dedicate themselves to you, for your whole journey into parenthood, for as little or as much as you'd like/need.

Home Birth (pretty much g'teed unless your clinical picture changes drastically): They say home is where the heart is, it's also an awesome place to birth your new, tiny human into too! I believe that your sacred space to labour and birth should REALLY be your choice, and with choices being restricted in so many NHS settings (no home birth teams or dedicated/regular on-call staff), there leaves NO choice. And this makes me sad. I have been present at many home births and witnessed the true magic they hold for many people. I can't wait for you to have YOUR magic :)

Lots of Love,

April xXx

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