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Find An Independent Midwife or Birth Worker

Sarah Fitzsimmons - Midwife

    Homebirth expert Midwife specialising in out of guideline care

    Becky Master - Midwife

      Passionate, caring midwife dedicated to providing personalised, relationship based midwifery care

      Jade Watkinson

        Manchester midwives supporting women to have positive birth experiences!

        Lucinda Rae ~ Bramble Birth

          Independent Midwife

          Cheryl Samuels

            Private antenatal, birth and postnatal midwifery care in Essex and surrounding areas.

            Sabine von Toerne

              Independent Midwife

              Rebecca Urquhart

                Supporting you and your family to make the choices that are right for you…. Providing holistic care with a focus on physiology and complimentary therapy skills to enhance your pregnancy,…

                Bailey Warner - Midwife

                  I believe birth belongs in the woman"s hands, your choice and voice is central to the story. I like to think of our care together as working with a bestie…

                  Nyree Wright - Midwife

                    Experienced, London based Independent Midwife

                    Mary Flynn

                      Embodied birth, empowered motherhood.

                      Suyai Steinhauer - Midwife

                        Working with the transformative power of birth.

                        Liz Nightingale

                          Providing caring, calmness and continuity for birth families.

                          Jen Bolton

                            By your side throughout your pregnancy, birth & postnatal journey.

                            Deborah Neiger

                              I work with you to achieve a positive pregnancy, birth and postnatal period, however that may look like for you.

                              Clair Medhurst

                                Independent Midwife providing personalised continuity care I will suppport you to make the choices that are right for you - your body, your baby, your choices!

                                Gemma Clifford

                                  Finding the joy in the journey of pregnancy and parenthood for you - Personalised Independent Midwifery Care

                                  Jenny Morton - Midwife

                                    Midwife providing high quality maternity care ensuring your journey is led by you.

                                    Susana Ramírez Panting - Midwife

                                      Let me guide you through pregnancy, birth and those early weeks as a parent feeling Calm, Confident and in-Control

                                      Frances Tervet - Midwife

                                        Individualised care, based on current evidence with an expert in normal birth.

                                        Laura Latina - Midwife

                                          I support you in creating the most powerful home birth by reclaiming your intuitions. Birth belongs to you!

                                          Lucy Buddingwood - Midwife

                                            Independent Midwife supporting women and families in the Midlands.

                                            April Kent

                                              Private, Personalised and Passionate Care through your Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

                                              Christina Arnold - Midwife

                                                Experienced, caring, & passionate Independent Midwife, supporting birth empowerment on the Isle of Wight.

                                                Jay Urquhart

                                                  Bristol Doula supporting independent Midwifery and womens choice

                                                  Lynsey Adams

                                                    Independent Midwife providing holistic, individualised care in Surrey and the surrounding areas.

                                                    Sophie Franks

                                                      Independent Midwife based in Kent

                                                      Sarah Bakr - Mama

                                                        Radical support and gentle nurturing.

                                                        Jimena Tascon - Midwife

                                                          Homebirth Birthkeeper specialised in yoga, breathwork and spirituality

                                                          Jennifer Johnson - Midwife

                                                            Expert homebirth Midwife IBCLC Lactation consultant and frenotomy practitioner.

                                                            Becky Millar

                                                              Independent Midwife providing continuity and supporting your choices throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond. Your birth ~ your way.

                                                              Elena Paperello - Midwife

                                                                Helping mamas thrive through pregnancy, birth and beyond

                                                                Beyond Midwives

                                                                  Empowering women to have a better pregnancy and birth experience, easier postnatal recovery, and a positive outlook of this special journey.

                                                                  Sarah Richie - Midwife

                                                                    Passionate midwife providing holistic care tailored to you and your family

                                                                    Melissa Coleman

                                                                      Independent midwife with 15 years experience, providing personalised, person centred maternity care to families in the East Midlands.

                                                                      Sophie Colyer

                                                                        Helping you prepare for birth and flourish on the other side.

                                                                        Debbie Hemmingway - Midwife

                                                                          Independent Midwife providing holistic antenatal, birth and postnatal care North East

                                                                          Bethany Woodger - Midwife

                                                                            Individualised, supportive and unhurried care from an experienced independent midwife.

                                                                            Emma Wheeler - Midwife

                                                                              I provide holistic care to women and their families during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal periods.

                                                                              Anne-Marie Palmer

                                                                                An Independent Midwife and advocate of you doing your pregnancy and birth YOUR way!


                                                                                Feel more confident going into your birth by attending our exclusive “Calm and Confident Birth Programme”©

                                                                                Learn the skills you need to become the most confident you can be in preparation for the birthing process.

                                                                                100% of Zest cared for clients felt supported, educated and empowered during their pregnancy and birthing journey.

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