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The Zest KQSC

“Let’s do it Together – Collaborating with Kindness to improve Safety and Quality”.

Who are Zest?

In ZEST we are proud to be a “One Stop Village” of the most highly skilled, experienced and qualified midwives, MaMas ( Mother and Midwife Assistant), birth workers and student midwives nationwide.

We are an established organisation and on the way to welcoming 200 registrants in 2024.

As the leading training, support and advocacy organisation for true autonomous midwifery practice we respect the value that multi-disciplinary team working fosters  between midwives and other maternity care professionals. We believe it is crucial to improve access and choice within maternity care.

Forming the KQSC and why it is needed…

ZEST is now delighted to have formed a KQSC as we believe that although having collaborative and multidisciplinary teamwork is a goal of most maternity care systems and organisations, it is hard to achieve. For this to be realised and to be effective the boundaries of responsibility need to be re-drawn. 

The need for multidisciplinary maternity care and inter professional collaboration is obvious, as it helps to solve the shortage of care providers in the maternity care system and guarantees improvement in maternity care services.

By collaborating midwives and other maternity care professionals can assure continuity of care, and better outcomes for both birthing people and their new-borns. 

A birthing person’s relationship with her maternity providers is vitally important. Not only are these encounters the vehicle for essential lifesaving health services, but people’s experiences with caregivers can empower and comfort or inflict lasting damage and emotional trauma.

It is clear that relational continuity maternity models should be scaled up because there is compelling evidence that ongoing supportive relationships between birthing people and their maternity care providers improves outcomes and experiences of care. 

Relational continuity maternity models also improve job satisfaction and a sense of autonomy for midwives that practice in these models and improve trust and effective collaboration between care providers.

In fact, NHS England Five Year Forward View encourages innovative models of care, different approaches to funding for population outcomes and work across systems to develop sustainability and transformation plans (as announced via NHS England planning guidance). This creates opportunities to really address continuity at a population and system-level with the right cross-sector leadership support.

In light of this we are very pleased to introduce the ZEST KQSC aims and values:

ZEST KQSC will support collaboration to be an active process and will encourage
meaningful contact between people.
ZEST KQSC will influence collaboration in practice fostering interdependence, shared
ownership of goals, and flexibility.
ZEST KQSC will value the diversity of clinical expertise involved in teams and
appreciate how this affects improvement of patient care and organisational
ZEST KQSC will uphold collaboration, conflict resolution, participation, and cohesion as
they believe these are most likely to influence health care professional satisfaction and
perceived team effectiveness.

Join the KQSC

Please email us on info@zest-midwives.co.uk to request a form to fill out in order to express your interest in becoming a member of the Zest Kindness Quality and Safety Collaborative Board. We welcome a multi disciplinary approach to our care and have various members on our board from Midwives, Birth Workers, Insurers, Our Directors, Partners and Other key stakeholders in the Maternity profession.

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