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Robyn Thomas

Midwifery Lead and Professional Midwifery Advocate

Here is a bit more about Robyn and the role she has at ZEST.

I am very proud to be a midwife, I joined the midwifery profession in 2016  and during this time I have enhanced my qualification by training to be a Professional Midwifery Advocate (PMA), student mentor and assessor and also a prompt facilitator. I am currently working towards the completion of a masters degree .

My own personal values and beliefs  are aligned to physiological birth choices. I belong to a family where for many generations birth at home has been a natural normal life event; most of the children have been born at home or at a community birth centre. 

I feel very proud to have welcomed my own first baby at home in the pool in April 2023. Supported by a ZEST independent midwife I was respected, supported  and always in control of the decisions about my own care.

I am privileged to have joined the ZEST team in 2024 as a Midwifery Lead and PMA (professional midwifery advocate). 

My previous experience as a midwifery leader in the NHS created the opportunity to build a foundation in my professional practice to gain the skills and confidence to accept this unique  and dynamic role.

Working as part of the ZEST community I offer professional support and advocacy, I co-facilitate training and offer guidance and access to ZEST systems and processes. I provide learning and growing opportunities for the ZEST midwives and MAMA’s and ensure they feel well cared for and nurtured. 

As a valued member of the ZEST leadership team and Kindness, Quality and Safety Collaborative I am instrumental in co-creating and co-producing  initiatives and business development opportunities to offer choices to professionals and families. 

I am inspired by the wealth of knowledge, skill and passion within the ZEST community.  I feel very privileged to work alongside the most inspirational leaders who role model kind compassionate care to everyone in the organisation and who uphold the highest standards of care within the profession, advocating for birthing people to be at the centre of their maternity journey. 

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